Beliefs of Pauline Christians, Jewish Christians & Nazarenes (52-57)

This table summarizes the beliefs of known Jesus' groups then ("Nazarenes" and Jewish & Pauline Christians),
according to the evidence presented in
"HJ-1a", "HJ-2b", "HJ-3a", "HJ-3b", "HJ-3ext.", 108, "Appendix C,
"Paul and the Corinthians during the third journey",
"Co1a", "Co1b", "Co1c", "Co2a", "Co2b" & "Co2c"

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In the spring of 57CE Nazarenes' followers Antioch Church's followers . Paul's followers
In the spring of 52CE     Paul's followers .
Jesus .. ..   .
is in heaven NO YES YES YES
is the Christ NO YES YES YES
is or will be the King NO YES NO NO
is/was the Son of David NO YES NO yes
is the Son of Man NO YES NO no
is the Son of God NO NO NO YES
was pre-existent NO NO no YES
was sacrificed NO NO yes YES
The Kingdom will .. ..   .
come soon YES YES YES YES
be on earth YES YES no NO
be in heaven NO NO yes YES
Submit to the Mosaic Law YES yes/YES no NO
1 1