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18 Mar 2015 
#110 Using Carrier's own math in OHJ, some (highly justified) corrections to his input data produce startling new results!

A few of these corrections would raise the average probability for Jesus' historicity to 99.99% from 19.28% (according to Carrier).

TAGS {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {earthly & human Jesus} {historical Jesus} {Jesus' historicity} {Rank-Raglan}

17 Feb 2015 
#109 Considering Galatians 1-2, did Paul & Peter preached the same message?

Galatians 1-2 does not say the preaching of Paul (to Gentiles) and of the Church of Jerusalem (to Jews) were the same. Only that, at the time of the council of Jerusalem, Paul's early gospel could still be tolerated, which does not mean this situation will last: it didn't!

TAGS {Church of Jerusalem} {Galatians} {James} {leaders of the Church} {"Nazarenes"} {"Nazarenes" NOT having been Christians} {Paul} {Peter}

16 Feb 2015 
#108 Did the early Galilean pillars of the Church of Jerusalem (Peter, John & Jesus' brother James) become Christians?

There is an abundance of evidence and clues leading to a NO answer, despite the effort by the early Christian authors to show otherwise.

TAGS {Church of Jerusalem} {early Christianity} {James} {leaders of the Church} {"Nazarenes"} {"Nazarenes" NOT having been Christians} {Peter}

12 Dec 2014 
#107 Simplified graphics about what went into the content of the canonical gospels

This is according to my reconstruction, with references, dating and locations.

TAGS {gospels} {Jesus' historicity}

12 Oct 2014 
#106 Carrier made a case against his theories in OHJ on Rastafarian faith and Haile Selassie

I think Carrier's piece on the Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie and the Rastafari religion (pages 18-20 of OHJ) is priceless and goes against Carrier's mythicist theory in a big way, despite his objections.

TAGS {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {Jesus' historicity} {mythicism} {Rank-Raglan}

29 Aug 2014 
#105 Carrier's comments in OHJ on Romans 15:8 where Jesus is said to have been a servant/minister to the Jews

Carrier is quick to put forward his convoluted mythicist assumptions in interpreting the verse, leading to ambiguities. When, for a historicist, this verse can be simply understood. 

TAGS {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {Josephus} {mythicism} {Romans} {Romans 15:8}

25 Aug 2014 
#104 Here are Carrier's comments on Josephus' Antiquities 20, 9, 1, trying to prove "called Christ" is an accidental interpolation.

I reproduced the whole of Carrier's text in OHJ on the matter, with many of my notes against his arguments.

TAGS {brother(s)} {brother of Jesus} {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {historical Jesus} {James} {Jesus' historicity} {Josephus} {mythicism}

20 Aug 2014 
#103 Carrier's use of Julius Africanus in order to support his case in OHJ

Carrier pretends (wrongly) a calculation from a prophecy in 'Daniel' pointing to 30 CE for Christ's crucifixion by (third century CE Christian apologist) Africanus, is simple and straightforward and could have been imagined by Jews before the fact.

TAGS {Africanus} {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {mythicism}

13 Aug 2014 
#102 Carrier's problem with the Rank-Raglan scale for Jesus in OHJ. Presented in a graph

Carrier's rating for Jesus in the Rank-Raglan scale, according to two gospels, makes the mythical option very suspect due to the short time for evolution from a strictly heavenly deity to an (alleged) fictional ultimate hero on earth.

TAGS {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {Jesus' historicity} {mythicism} {Rank-Raglan}

07 Aug 2014 
#101 Dr. Carrier finds equal odds for the mythical Jesus (as if it were only one theory about that) and one type of historical Jesus.

Divide and conquer: Dr. Carrier thinks the theories about the mythical Jesus is one only, and compares its probability with one kind (among others) of historicist's Jesus and then proclaim equal odds. From "On The Historicity of Jesus" (OHJ)

TAGS {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {mythicism}

03 Aug 2014 
#100 Another look at the 'Ascension of Isaiah', the "gospel" of Dr. Carrier in OHJ

Thanks to the study of R.H. Charles, this hypothesis can be postulated: the 'Vision of Isaiah' started as a Jewish Greek text which got interpolated (first slightly, then heavily) by docetist Christians.

TAGS {Ascension of Isaiah} {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {mythicism}

31 Jul 2014 
#99 Another "conversation" with Dr. Carrier about his use of the Rank-Raglan scale for Jesus in OHJ

I think the scoring of Carrier for Jesus on the Rank-Raglan scale, according to Matthew's & Mark's gospels is greatly exaggerated.

TAGS {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {docetism} {historical Jesus} {mythicism} {Rank-Raglan}

20 Jul 2014 
#98 Carrier thinks Jesus' passion was drawn from another Jesus featured in Josephus' Wars.

Another dubious claim by Carrier in OHJ, trying to explain the origin of Jesus' passion story

TAGS {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {Josephus} {mythicism}

20 Jul 2014 
#97 Carrier's biased and faulty definition of "minimal theory of historicity"

Carrier, in his book "On The Historicity of Jesus" (OHJ), describes the "minimal theory of historicity" as not plausible from the start, making his minimal mythicism look better as the alternative.

TAGS {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {Jesus' historicity} {mythicism} {ultra minimalist}

19 Jul 2014 
#96 Carrier on Heb 8:1-5 ("proving" Jesus never was on earth) from his book OHJ

Carrier's brief explanations are greatly flawed (what's new?) and here is why.

TAGS {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {Hebrews} {Hebrews 8:1-5} {Jesus' historicity} {mythicism}

17 Jul 2014 
#95 Comments on Carrier's explanations in OHJ on "woman" in Galatians 4:4

In his book 'On The Historicity Of Jesus' (OHJ), Carrier argued that "woman" in Galatians 4:4 is not a real woman but an allegorical one. I disagree and commented in-situ on Carrier's passage about it.

TAGS {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {Galatians} {Galatians 4:4} (Jesus' historicity} {mythicism} {woman/women}

16 Jul 2014 
#94 Carrier's lame arguments in OHJ against "James, the brother of the Lord" in Galatians 1:19

The two arguments of Carrier in a nut shell about "James, the brother of the Lord" not being Jesus' blood brother: he was either John's brother or just a lesser Christian!

TAGS {brother(s)} {brother of the Lord} {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {Galatians} {Galatians 1:19} {Jesus' historicity} {mythicism}

14 Jul 2014 
#93 My discussion with Dr. Carrier about Christians being understood as "brothers of the Lord" from Paul or the converts

I demonstrated there is no evidence that "brothers of the Lord", with a familial & spiritual/honorary meaning, was what Paul or his Christians (about themselves) believed, despite Carrier's objections.

TAGS {brother(s)} {brothers of the Lord} {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {mythicism} {Paul}

29 Jun 2014 
#92 Carrier's strange math in "On The Historicity Of Jesus" (OHJ)

Misleading subtitle and Carrier's generosity X factor

TAGS {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {Jesus' historicity} {mythicism}

29 Jun 2014 
#91 Carrier's overall mythicist theory in "On The Historicity Of Jesus" (OHJ)

It is based on assumptions from the get go and not so "minimal" (as "common denominator"), rather unique to Carrier.

TAGS {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {earthly & human Jesus} {Jesus' historicity} {mythicism} {Paul}

04 May 2014 
#89 Did Jesus walk on water?

A simple analysis demonstrates that "Mark" did not say it, just dubiously hinted it through a few ambiguous words.

TAGS {extraordinary miracles} {historical Jesus} {Mark's gospel} {walking on water}

03 May 2014 
#88 Analysis of the miraculous feedings in Mark's gospel

A typical example on how Jesus' extraordinary feats were contrived.

TAGS {extraordinary miracles} {historical Jesus} {Mark's gospel} {miraculous feedings}

02 May 2014 
#87 Did "Mark" invent Jesus' disturbance in the temple?

Was the disturbance in the temple something that "Mark" found embarrassing but felt compelled to tell because believed true (as told by eyewitness(es)) and in order to bring an air of authenticity to his gospel?

TAGS {disturbance in the temple} {historical Jesus} {Mark's gospel}

16 Apr 2014 
#86 List of the sixteen Jesus' sayings which I think are likely to be predominantly authentic

This is according to my study about the historical context of Jesus' life.

TAGS {historical Jesus} {Jesus' message} {Jesus' sayings}

30 Mar 2014 
#85 Could Antipas-Herodias' wedding, John the baptist's arrest & execution and Jesus' crucifixion have happened in 35-36 AD?

According to the available evidence, that would be most unlikely.

TAGS {36 CE} {Aretas} {dating} {Josephus} {John the Baptist}

26 Mar 2014 
#84 Another bomb dropping from Carrier: according to Acts 14, Paul died and resurrected!

Carrier, in his effort to show In his lecture at Purdue university, "Luke" tried to have Paul imitate and then outdo Jesus, dropped another bomb: in Acts 14, Paul is described to die and rise from the dead (just like, allegedly, Jesus).

TAGS {Acts of the apostles} {Carrier} {mythicism} {Paul} {Resurrection}

20 Mar 2014 
#83 Hegesippus on James' death

Despite being written in the 2nd century, and greatly embellished with many fictional elements, the story of James' execution reveals a long-lasting tradition about James, the brother of Jesus, not being a Christian.

TAGS {"Nazarenes"} {"Nazarenes" NOT having been Christians} {Hegesippus} {James} {brother of the Lord}

17 Mar 2014 
#82 An answer to Carrier's objections about "brother of the Lord" in Galatians 1:19 meaning true flesh and blood brother of Jesus

Carrier's counter-proposals are lame, somewhat pathetic, convoluted and based mostly on imagination, not on evidence.

TAGS {brother(s)} {brother of the Lord} {Carrier} {Galatians} {Galatians 1:19} {historical Jesus} {James} {mythicism} {Paul}

14 Mar 2014 
#81 Looking at the other Carrier's arguments about brothers of the Lord meaning Christians

Since in my previous post I addressed the issue of brothers of the Lord (1 Corinthians 9:5) against one of Carrier's arguments, I want now to look at the others.

TAGS {1 Corinthians} {1 Corinthians 9:5} {brother(s)} {brothers of the Lord} {Carrier} {mythicism} {Paul}

09 Mar 2014 
#80 Does Romans 8:29 indicate Paul considered Christians as (spiritual) brothers of Jesus?

Richard Carrier contends all Christians were considered by Paul "brothers of the Lord". However Romans 8:29 would deny it.

TAGS {brother(s)} {brothers of the Lord} {Carrier} {mythicism} {Romans} {Romans 8:29}

11 Dec 2013 
#79 Who wrote the "empty tomb" passage in Mark's gospel?

An analysis showing that the original author of Mark's gospel did not write the "empty tomb" passage (Mk 15:40-16:8)

TAGS {"Nazarenes"} {"Nazarenes" NOT having been Christians} {empty tomb} {Mark's gospel} {Resurrection}

11 Dec 2013 
#78 Did "Mark" "arrange" to have Jesus resurrected on Sunday?

What evidence do we have Sunday was a special day for Christians before Mark's gospel (70-71) was written (which is first to put the Resurrection on that day)?

TAGS {Mark's gospel} {Resurrection}

08 Dec 2013 
#77 Is after three days the same than on the third day?

Apologists contend than "after three days" is the same than "on the third day". I disagree even if I think the later does not conflict with the (about) 40 hours of Jesus' death duration, which is spread on three different calendar days.

TAGS {after three days} {empty tomb} {Mark's gospel} {on the third day} {Resurrection}

27 Nov 2013 
#76 Arguments against "Luke" knowing Paul's epistles and a late dating of 'Acts'

Neil Godfrey issued some posts on the Vridar's blog about the Acts Seminar members' justifications for a 2nd cent. dating of 'Acts' and the author's knowledge of the Pauline epistles. I answer that here.

TAGS {Acts of the apostles} {Acts Seminar} {dating} {Paul's epistles} {Vridar}

23 Nov 2013 
#75 Did the author of 'Acts' knew about Paul's epistles, as the Westar Acts Seminar contends?

It took ten years for the Westar Acts Seminar to come up with the conclusion, among other ones, the author of 'Acts' knew the Pauline epistles and wrote 'Acts' in the early decades of the second century. I disagree on both points and here is why.

TAGS {Acts of the apostles} {Acts Seminar} [dating} {Paul's epistles}

18 Nov 2013 
#74 Did the gospels indicate Jesus cleared totally the temple courts? Was a battalion there to prevent any disturbance?

Richard Carrier, in one of his lecture, contends the gospels have Jesus clearing the whole temple area despite the presence of a battalion on station there.

TAGS {Carrier} {disturbance in the temple} {historical Jesus} {Mark's gospel}

14 Nov 2013 
#73 Two arguments in favor of proving Marcion's Pauline epistles were written after the "canonical"ones

My prior analysis on the ending of Romans leads to the conclusion Marcion did not originate the Pauline epistles. And I added another separate argument.

TAGS {dating} {Marcion} {Paul} {Paul's epistles} {Romans}

19 Oct 2013 
#72 Carrier's far-fetched explanation for Galatians 4:4 (Jesus come of a woman, come under the Law)

Carrier uses an allegory written some twenty verses later & makes an unevidenced connection, all of that with dubious explanations, in order to dispel Jesus' earthly humanity.

TAGS {Carrier} {Galatians} {Galatians 4:4} {earthly & human Jesus} {Jesus' historicity} {mythicism} {Paul} {woman/women}

19 Oct 2013 
#71 Richard Carrier declared (and wrote) there is "no clear mention of an earthly Jesus'' in 1 Clement: I disagree.

Did Carrier read the whole of 1 Clement? I wonder: the mention of a human & earthly Jesus is clear in 32:2.

TAGS {1 Clement} {Carrier} {earthly & human Jesus} {mythicism}

09 May 2013
#70 Carrier's use of 2 Samuel 7 in order to demonstrate it was believed God had a cosmic sperm bank in outer space in order to make a heavenly Messiah from one of David's sperms.

No, this is not a joke. Listen about it from Carrier himself. Richard uses that in order to dispel Romans 1:3 as showing Jesus had human & earthly origin. With update from Carrier's "On The Historicity Of Jesus"

TAGS {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {earthly & human Jesus} {Jesus' historicity} {mythicism} {seed of David}

27 Apr 2013 
#69 More about the 'Ascension of Isaiah'

Contrary to mythicist claims, in 'Ascension of Isaiah', Satan and his demons are not the ones to crucify by themselves the Son. And the killing does not occur in the firmament or the lower heavens.

TAGS {Ascension of Isaiah} {Carrier} {mythicism}

25 Apr 2013 
#68 Comments on 1 Corinthians 2:8. Does "the rulers of this age" mean earthly or heavenly beings (the later as thought by Doherty & Carrier)?

Despite "rulers" ('archons') being identified as heavenly in later pseudo-Pauline writings, Paul thought about earthly ones. With update from OHJ

TAGS {1 Corinthians} {1 Corinthians 2:8} {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {Doherty} {mythicism} {Paul} {rulers of this age}

14 Apr 2013 
#67 More comments on Josephus' Antiquities, XX, IX, 1 and "the brother of Jesus, who was called Christ, whose name was James"

I got involved again on Richard Carrier's blog on the same topic.

TAGS {brother(s)} {brother of Jesus} {Carrier} {James} {Josephus} {mythicism}

02 Apr 2013 
#66 Did "Mark" know about Paul's epistles?

According to the written evidence, there is a high probability he did.

TAGS {Mark's gospel} {Paul} {Paul's epistles}

29 Mar 2013 
#65 From where did the virgin conception come?

It was the consequence of a compromise about Jesus being 'the Son of God', between a pre-existent divinity (breaking monotheism) and just an empty honorary title: a man having God as the biological father.

TAGS {Luke's gospel} {Matthew's gospel} {Paul} {Philo of Alexandria}

24 Mar 2013 
#64 Why are 'the Acts of the Apostles' and Paul not often mentioned or/and quoted from end of 1st century up to 180 CE?

'Acts' has many flaws and Paul was far from being accepted by all Christians. Also about the external evidence for Paul and about Justin Martyr quoting Paul.

TAGS {Acts of the apostles} {dating} {Paul}

22 Mar 2013 
#63 Dating of 'the Acts of the Apostles'

This dating is very difficult and subject of debates (some mythicists set the date of publishing around 170 CE).

TAGS {Acts of the apostles} {dating}

11 Mar 2013 
#62 Dating of Luke's & John's gospels: a simplified study

Dating of these two gospels can be estimated through series of clues inside the text.

TAGS {dating} {John's gospel} {Luke's gospel}

10 Mar 2013 
#61 About the mention of the ethnarch of Aretas the king in 2 Corinthians 11:32-33

This ethnarch was most likely acting as consul for the Nabataeans living in Damascus and ambassador for king Aretas. Emperor Claudius instituted Jewish ethnarchs in cities with Diaspora Jews.

TAGS {Aretas} {2 Corinthians} {2 Corinthians 11:32-33}

08 Mar 2013 
#60 Did Marcion originate the Pauline epistle 'Romans' (with chapters 15 & 16 not yet written)?

It is quasi-certain two versions of 'Romans' were existing during Marcion's times, one complete, the other without the two last chapters. One conclusion is that the complete letter came first, before Marcion's version.

TAGS {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {Marcion} {Paul} {Paul's epistles} {Romans}

02 Mar 2013 
#59 About the order of Theudas & Judas of Galilee in 'Acts of apostles' as reversed of the one in Josephus' Antiquities

If "Luke" had 'Antiquities': a) Atomistic tunnel vision and total ignorance of the context would be required to make the error. b) Significant differences between the two versions of Theudas' story would not appear.

TAGS {Acts of the apostles} {Carrier} {dating} {Josephus}

28 Feb 2013 
#58 The author of 'Acts of the apostles' ("Luke") knew about Josephus' Wars but not his 'Antiquities of the Jews': a smoking gun.

This is one case which demonstrates 'Wars' but (despite the appearances!) not 'Antiquities' was known by the author of 'Acts'. There are other cases which show the same.

TAGS {Acts of the apostles} {dating} {Josephus}

26 Feb 2013 
#57 Why is the gospel according to Matthew from the first century?

My conclusion is that the gospel was written before 93 CE

TAGS {dating} {Matthew's gospel}

24 Feb 2013 
#56 Does "likeness of sinful flesh" in Romans 8:3 and "likeness of men" in Philippians 2:7 imply a docetist incarnation?

According to two examples in ancient Greek literature, secular and religious, "likeness" can be used for a man originating from human parent when allegedly, he is the result of the incarnation of a divine being.

TAGS {docetism} {likeness} {Paul}

22 Feb 2013 
#55 How do you make a correction when there are no delete keys to use? a lesson by Paul

A study of 1 Corinthians 11:2-16, followed by a remark against a "fabricated" Paul

TAGS {1 Corinthians} {Paul} {woman/women}

21 Feb 2013
#54 How to explain the so-called silences about the historical Jesus in early Christianity (50-200)?

For some Christian writers, the historical Jesus was, at first, too little to be detailed, and, after the gospels, as greatly enhanced into the "Gospel Jesus", too mythical to be put forward.

TAGS {historical Jesus} {earthly & human Jesus} {Jesus' historicity} {silences}

19 Feb 2013
#53 Arguments in favor of proving Marcion's gospel (of the Lord) was written after Luke's gospel

It points to Marcion modifying gLuke rather than "Luke" making changes from gMarcion.

TAGS {dating} {Luke's gospel} {Marcion}

18 Feb 2013
#52 Dating of the '1 Clement' epistle (this letter mentions Paul and refers to one of his epistles to the Corinthians)

Dating will be through the internal and the external evidence.

TAGS {1 Clement} {dating} {Luke's gospel} {Matthew's gospel} {Paul}

16 Feb 2013
#51 Following my analysis of "brothers of the Lord" in 1 Corinthians 9:5, let's examine the meaning of "brother of the Lord" in Galatians 1:19.

If "brothers of the Lord" cannot mean "all Christians", or "brothers" as members of the same sect, then what are the implications for "James, the brother of the Lord" in Galatians?

TAGS {brother(s)} {brothers of the Lord} {earthly & human Jesus} {Galatians} {Galatians 1:19} {James} {mythicism} {Paul}

14 Feb 2013
#50 Extracts of comment from readers of my website

Just to show that, along the years, my work has been (enthusiastically) appreciated.

TAGS {historical Jesus}

13 Feb 2013
#49 From far-fetched & ill-evidenced no-HJ theories to ultra minimalist HJ reconstructions not being popular

A little rant of mine

TAGS {historical Jesus} {Jesus' historicity} {mythicism} {Occam's razor} {ultra minimalist}

11 Feb 2013
#48 Beliefs of known Jesus' groups then ("Nazarenes" and Jewish & Pauline Christians), according to the evidence presented in my website

Shown in a table format

TAGS {"Nazarenes"} {"Nazarenes" NOT having been Christians} {Christian beliefs} {Jewish Christians} {Paul}

10 Feb 2013
#47 HJ causing atrocities!!! I replied and got one positive reaction from an unexpected place.

A comment from Clarice O'Callaghan shocked me and my reply to it sent some good vibes on the JesusMysteries forum.

TAGS {historical Jesus} {Jesus' historicity} {mythicism} {Occam's razor}

09 Feb 2013
#46 Here is my understanding (after years of study) on who was the one called "historical Jesus". All of that "in a few words" with links for details and justifications from my website.

How an accidental healer, who was also a poor uneducated Jew, got to be crucified as "king of the Jews".

TAGS {historical Jesus} {Josephus}

07 Feb 2013
#45 Hebrews 8:4, one of Doherty's smoking guns

Another example on how desperate is Doherty in his search for evidence supporting his crucifixion in heaven and the non-existence of an earthly & human Jesus (PS: Carrier follows Doherty's conclusion on that!).

TAGS {Doherty} {earthly & human Jesus} {Hebrews} {Hebrews 8:4} {mythicism}

06 Feb 2013
#44 When were the genuine Pauline epistles & 'Hebrews' written, relative to Paul's third journey?

It would greatly help if you read my two preceding posts!

TAGS {Apollos of Alexandria} {dating} {Hebrews} {Paul} {Paul's epistles} {third journey}

06 Feb 2013
#43 Justifications for '1 Corinthians' and '2 Corinthians' being, for each one, a combination of three letters by Paul

These six letters are also dated according to the study from my previous post.

TAGS {1 Corinthians} {2 Corinthians} {dating} {Paul} {Paul's epistles}

05 Feb 2013
#42 Timeline of Paul's ministry according to the seven deemed authentic Pauline epistles and Acts of the apostles

This timeline and associated events are explained on my website.

TAGS {Paul} {Paul's journeys}

31 Jan 2013
#41 Dating Mark's gospel and its priority

As edited from my website. My conclusion? Completed in the winter of 70-71 CE.

TAGS {dating} {Mark's gospel}

30 Jan 2013
#40 Probably the best evidence for an earthly & human Jesus in "to the Hebrews". Updated from OHJ

Let's examine what Doherty wrote in JNGNM against it and then conclude.

TAGS {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {Doherty} {earthly & human Jesus} {Hebrews} {mythicism}

28 Jan 2013
#39 Was the author of Luke's gospel and Acts of the Apostles a woman living in Philippi (a Roman colony in Macedonia)?

I think the internal evidence for proving it is overwhelming.

TAGS {Acts of the apostles} {Luke's gospel} {woman/women}

23 Jan 2013
#38 About James, the brother of Jesus

What can we learn about James through the James' epistle?

TAGS {Church of Jerusalem} {James} {"Nazarenes"} {"Nazarenes" NOT having been Christians}

22 Jan 2013
#37 All about "the brothers of the Lord" in 1 Corinthians 9:5. Updated from OHJ

Let's define who would be these brothers and then see how Doherty and Carrier "interpret" them within their mythicist outlook.

TAGS {1 Corinthians} {brother(s)} {brothers of the Lord} {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {Doherty} {earthly & human Jesus} {mythicism}

19 Jan 2013
#36 Jesus, the uneducated teacher? Part 4: Paul's epistles

It is no secret that the Pauline epistles have very little to show for Jesus (even the heavenly kind) as a teacher. This fact is very embarrassing for the proponents of Jesus the great teacher.

TAGS {historical Jesus} {Paul} {Paul's epistles} {uneducated_teacher}

16 Jan 2013
#35 Jesus, the uneducated teacher? Part 3: Mark's gospel

Let's see how "Mark" depicted Jesus as a teacher in the earliest gospel.

TAGS {historical Jesus} {Mark's gospel} {uneducated teacher}

15 Jan 2013
#34 Richard Carrier and earliest Christians "copying" pre-dating Jewish concepts of a suffering & dying (for a purpose) messiah: Part 2

Was a suffering/dying_for_atonement_of_sins Jesus (modeled on the suffering servant of Isaiah 53) the original belief of the earliest Christians?

TAGS {Apollos of Alexandria} {messiah} {mythicism} {Paul} {Philo of Alexandria}

14 Jan 2013
#33 Comments on Josephus' Antiquities, XX, IX, 1 and "the brother of Jesus, who was called Christ, whose name was James". With UPDATE as of Jan 14th 2013

Mythicists have been proposing that Josephus did not write "who was called Christ" or had "son of Damneus" instead. Both cases create problems as explained here.

TAGS {brother(s)} {brother of Jesus} {Carrier} {historical Jesus} {James} {Josephus} {mythicism}

14 Jan 2013
#32 Richard Carrier and earliest Christians "copying" pre-dating Jewish concepts of a suffering & dying (for a purpose) messiah: Part 1

This suffering/dying messiah is NOT in the Jewish texts that Carrier quoted on his blog entry "The Dying Messiah Redux".

TAGS {Carrier} {messiah} {mythicism}

10 Jan 2013
#31 Jesus, the uneducated teacher? Part 2: the Testimonium Flavianum

I'll examine the arguments of Bart Ehrman in his new book 'Did Jesus Exist?' regarding the authenticity of the main Testimonium Flavianum, which describes, among other things, Jesus as a very popular teacher with Jews & Gentiles.

TAGS {Ehrman} {Eusebius} {historical Jesus} {Josephus} {Testimonium Flavianum} {uneducated teacher}

08 Jan 2013
#30 Jesus, the uneducated teacher? Part 1: evidence for Jesus' illiteracy

A fair number of scholars (even agnostic ones) now accept Jesus was uneducated but still have him as a teacher. It is rather ironic they think that, in view of their low opinion of amateurs (even educated ones) and of their works on early Christianity.

TAGS {Crossan} {Ehrman} {historical Jesus} {uneducated teacher}

06 Jan 2013
#29 Another Markan problem: "Mark" and Jesus as "the king of the Jews"

Did "Mark" invent Jesus as believed by some contemporaries to be (or will be) "the king of the Jews" And for his gospel audience which appears to be mostly Gentile? It is most unlikely, for various reasons ...

TAGS {Crucifixion} {king of the Jews} {historical Jesus} {Mark's gospel}

05 Jan 2013
#28 How did "Mark" handle the known "humble" Jesus testimony conflicting with the later preaching as a divine entity?

Mark's solutions to the "problem" are rather obvious and would explain the so-called messianic secret, among other things.

TAGS {"Nazarenes"} {"Nazarenes" NOT having been Christians} {historical Jesus} {Mark's gospel} {messianic secret}

02 Jan 2013
#27 Probably the third best evidence for an earthly & human Jesus

Again, Paul has Jesus as a descendant of an earthly human, this time David (others: Israelites, Abraham, Jesse). Doherty's explanations to the contrary are far from convincing.

TAGS {Doherty} {earthly & human Jesus} {mythicism} {Paul} {Romans} {Romans 1:3} {seed of David}

01 Jan 2013
#26 Why would Paul repeatedly affirm he did not lie?

In my observations, someone who say he/she is not lying, usually know he/she is believed to have been a liar before.

TAGS {Paul}

31 Dec 2012
#25 Probably the second best evidence for an earthly & human Jesus. With update from Doherty's JNGNM

Romans 9:3b-5a is an affirmation by Paul about Jesus having a human descent, as from Israelites. Paul would never have written that if he thought otherwise.

TAGS {Doherty} {earthly & human Jesus} {historical Jesus} {mythicism} {Paul} {Romans}

28 Dec 2012
#24 Bad mythicist arguments: Carrier's scholarly approach vs Doherty's political approach

I added a review of Earl Doherty's "Jesus: Neither God Nor Man" recently to Amazon, using comments from Carrier where he is critical of J:NGNM. Doherty saw this and couldn't understand why he did that. But earlier on his blog Carrier clarified why.

TAGS {Carrier} {Doherty} {mythicism}

28 Dec 2012
#23 An article by Dr. Helen K. Bond vindicates my understanding of the historical Jesus.

Dr. Helen K. Bond published a book "The Historical Jesus: A Guide for the Perplexed" (T&T Clark, 2012). Later, she wrote an article "Ten Things I Learnt about Jesus by Writing a Book about Him" available on the web. I read it, twice.

TAGS {Helen K. Bond} {historical Jesus}

26 Dec 2012
#21 Where was Jesus poor? in the sublunar celestial realm, the world of myth or earth?

Where can anybody become poor and be in poverty? sublunar celestial realm, world of myth or earth?
We can ask this question because in 2 Corinthians 8:9 Jesus is said to have become poor and experienced poverty. But where?

TAGS {2 Corinthians} {Carrier} {earthly & human Jesus} {historical Jesus} {mythicism} {Paul} {poverty}

24 Dec 2012
#20 Were the earliest Christians of Corinth told about Jesus in a worldly manner?

A basic analysis of 2 Corinthians 5:16b demonstrates it was the case, and Paul asked his Christians to forget about what they heard in the past. With update from OHJ

TAGS {2 Corinthians} {2 Corinthians 5:16} {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {earthly & human Jesus} {historical Jesus} {mythicism} {Paul}

23 Dec 2012
#19 Is there evidence in Paul's epistles about the Crucifixion on earth? Yes

That's right: Yes, there is. It may not be the most direct, but certainly it's a lot better than whatever Doherty has for his own world of myth! With updates from Carrier "On The Historicity Of Jesus" (OHJ)

TAGS {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {Crucifixion} {Doherty} {earthly & human Jesus} {historical Jesus} {Jerusalem} {mythicism} {Paul} {Romans} {Zion}

22 Dec 2012
#18 Probably the best evidence for an earthly & human Jesus

Galatians 4:4 is certainly bothering mythicists. But "come of woman, come under Law" is the keystone holding together a long argument: without Jesus known to be born as an earthly human, the whole argumentation would collapse ...

TAGS {earthly & human Jesus} {Galatians} {Galatians 4:4} {mythicism} {Paul} {woman/women}

21 Dec 2012
#17 A mythicist argument based on false evidence, about Philo of Alexandria calling his firstborn archangel Jesus

This very controversial statement has been discussed in various forums and blogs, such as FRDB & NT Blog. With updates from OHJ

TAGS {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {mythicism} {Philo of Alexandria}

20 Dec 2012
#16 More about the Life of Adam ... Updated from OHJ

Recapitulation, dating, was "Adam's burial in heaven" a belief then? and about the Georgian version

TAGS {burial} {Carrier} {Carrier's OHJ} {Life of Adam} {mythicism}

19 Dec 2012
#15 Richard Carrier and the Life of Adam

On Vridar, Godfrey reported on a point made by Carrier about, in a particular Jewish Pseudepigrapha book, Adam is buried in (third) heaven (which would prove Jesus could be believed buried there also!). I looked into it ...

TAGS {burial} {Carrier} {Life of Adam} {mythicism} {Vridar}

18 Dec 2012
#14 My comments on Vridar blog

After issuing some comments about the Carrier/Goodacre debate on a radio show, first generally on Godfrey's account of it, second on Doherty's comments, I was surprised they replied, not to the points I made, but by accusing me of dogmatism ...

TAGS {Carrier} {dogmatism} {Doherty} {historical Jesus} {mythicism} {Vridar}

12 Dec 2012
#13 The scholarly portraits of the historical Jesus: some comments of mine about the puerility of such studies

I have been involved in some discussion on The Jesus Blog about scholarly attempts to define portrait, life and biography of the historical Jesus.

TAGS {historical Jesus} {Jesus' portrait}

12 Dec 2012
#12 What is the historical value of the Pentecost event, as described in Acts 2:1-41?

Despite its many flaws, this passage is considered by many as depicting the beginning of the Church of Jerusalem and its leadership by former Jesus' disciples, such as Peter.

TAGS {"Nazarenes"} {"Nazarenes" NOT having been Christians} {Acts of the apostles} {Church of Jerusalem} {Galileans} {Pentecost} {tongues}

11 Dec 2012
#11 Who were the first leaders of the Church of Jerusalem?

There is evidence in the early Christian writings which show Jesus' disciples and James couldn't have been those who lead the Church from its beginning.

TAGS {"Nazarenes"} {"Nazarenes" NOT having been Christians} {Church of Jerusalem} {disciples} {Hegesippus} {James} {leaders of the Church} {pillars}

10 Dec 2012
#10 Did Paul consider James, Peter, John & Church of Jerusalem members as Christian(s)?

Despite many opportunities in his epistles, Paul never said those were "in the Lord", or "in Christ", or just "brothers". But he used often these expressions to qualify other(s) as "Christian(s)".

TAGS {"Nazarenes"} {"Nazarenes" NOT having been Christians} {Church of Jerusalem} {disciples} {James} {John} {Paul} {Peter} {pillars}

09 Dec 2012
#9 Is 1 Corinthians 15:3-11 an interpolation? I have eight arguments in favour of YES.

These verses have been used by conservative & liberal Christians and Mythicists in order to prove that, early on, there were either genuine post-mortem visions of Jesus or hallucinations about him.

TAGS{1 Corinthians} {1 Corinthians 15:3-11} {burial} {Carrier} {mythicism} {"Nazarenes" NOT having been Christians} {Paul} {Resurrection} {resurrections}

08 Dec 2012
#8 Did Jesus' disciples believe in the Resurrection and resurrections?

There are many signs, by looking only at Mark's gospel, that NO is the right answer.

TAGS {"Nazarenes"} {"Nazarenes" NOT having been Christians} {Resurrection} {resurrections}

07 Dec 2012
#7 Paul's historical Jesus (continued)

The data about HJ, as supplied by Paul, points to only one individual.

TAGS {earthly & human Jesus} {historical Jesus} {Paul} {Paul's historical Jesus}

07 Dec 2012
#6 Paul's historical Jesus

How did Paul define HJ in his (7) authentic epistles? from fully human Jewish origin, humble, poor, of no reputation, "servant" to Jews, crucified in "Zion", having brothers, one of them named James (met several times by Paul), revealed to be "Son of God" only by his alleged resurrection, etc ...

TAGS {earthly & human Jesus} {historical Jesus} {Paul} {Paul's historical Jesus}

04 Dec 2012
#5 Did Paul imply in Romans 3:7 he was a liar? Yes, but only for pious lies.

This verse is "interpreted" otherwise: no surprise here.

TAGS {Paul} {Paul's pious lies} {Romans}

04 Dec 2012
#4 Is 1 Thessalonians 2:14-16 an interpolation? I have 6 pieces of evidence for saying YES.

There is a trend now to declare it authentic.

TAGS {1 Thessalonians} {1 Thessalonians 2:14-16}

04 Dec 2012
#3 Were the early Christian communities mystery cults? I say NO.

This idea is crucial for Doherty's mythicist theory.

TAGS {1 Corinthians} {2 Corinthians} {Doherty} {early Christianity} {early Christian communities} {mystery cults}

02 Dec 2012
#2 Paul and Jesus' pre-existence: what can we determine from his epistles?

Was Paul in favor of Jesus' pre-existence? Explain your position.

TAGS {Jesus' pre-existence} {Paul}

02 Dec 2012
#1 INTRO POST c/w admin general comments

Enter here suggestions for new posts or general comments

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