19 Oct 2013 
#71 Richard Carrier declared (and wrote) there is "no clear mention of an earthly Jesus'' in 1 Clement: I disagree.

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In his lecture to UNCG (published Mar 28 2013) Richard Carrier declared (and wrote) there is ''no clear mention of an earthly Jesus'' in 1 Clement (ref http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwUZOZN-9dc at 49:20). Obviously Richard did not notice:
31-32  "For what reason was our father Abraham blessed? was it not because he wrought righteousness and truth through faith? Isaac, with perfect confidence, as if knowing what was to happen, cheerfully yielded himself as a sacrifice. Jacob, through reason of his brother, went forth with humility from his own land, and came to Laban and served him; and there was given to him the sceptre of the twelve tribes of Israel. Whosoever will candidly consider each particular, will recognize the greatness of the gifts which were given by him. For from him have sprung the priests and all the Levites who minister at the altar of God. From him also our Lord Jesus Christ according to the flesh. From him [Abraham] kings, princes, and rulers of the race of Judah. Nor are his other tribes in small glory, inasmuch as God had promised, "Your seed shall be as the stars of heaven" [about Abraham: Genesis 26:4]."
Here Jesus is as human & earthly as the priests, Levites, kings of Judah and other tribes, all of them descendants of Abraham.

Cordially, Bernard

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