10 Feb 2013 
#47 HJ causing atrocities!!! I replied and got one positive reaction from an unexpected place.

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I knew Clarice O'Callaghan when I was participating on the JesusMysteries forum. She welcomed me nicely and posted the URL of my website. I thought then she was a classy lady. But I was shocked about a comment she posted on Joseph Hoffmann's blog:

"Because the human race has been duped into atrocities from the beginning that changed the course of history for the worst; this will continue with an HJ. Because some of us aren't superstitious and know that we have been held back as thinking, questioning, and reasoning beings because others aren't using their fullest capabilities. We could be so much more as a human community, not cognitively stulted and stifled with no spark for looking outside the box. Because people who think for themselves rather than just suck up culture mindlessly know that faith is blind, wishful thinking.
Because some of us are concerned about the human race's cognitive development, well-being, and progress. We've lost too many minds that could have been fine instead of superstitious."

Blame it on HJ. Get rid of him and atrocities will not go on!

I then issued my own comment reproduced below with some minor editing:

"I think a very minimal HJ existed and I am not superstitious, nor a Christian.
Your rant seems to be targeted towards Christianity rather than HJ. If it is so, I approve most of it. But what does that have to do with a dead poor Galilean?
I also think the multitude of competing & vastly different no-HJ theories for the beginning of Christianity are a subject of ridicule. Many of them have little so-called evidence for support, plenty of weird thinking, quasi cultist beliefs & dogma, a lot of far-fetched notions, many hidden problems & plain silliness. Most are without any reconstruction (with approximate dating of early Christian texts, sequence, explanation for any deemed interpolations, etc.) and way too far outside the box. They look as agenda-driven parodies of historical studies.
Some of the adherents of these no-HJ schemes are quasi-sectarian, almost religious in their belief and spend a huge amount of time arguing & fighting each other on the internet. Mythicism, in its many facets, has become a religion of many sects, where almost anything goes."

Nobody on Hoffmann's blog commented on my posting. But on JesusMysteries I got a good reaction from a certain GR Gaudreau:

"Having said that, I think he's right that some Mythicists have a
theological ax to grind; I'm afraid I was one of those. Just lately, it's
been brought home to me that my motives were not always "pure" concerning
this question.
Another point I'd like to make is a comment made by a gentleman named
Muller, to the effect that "the multitude of competing & vastly different
no-HJ theories for the beginning of Christianity are a subject of
Some of the stuff I've read here on JM was really "out there".
I'm presently re-thinking my position.
I've been thinking a lot about Occam's Razor lately, and when I see all of
the complicated twists and turns some have to take to explain why Jesus
didn't exist, it just sours the cream for me

For the last sentence, I could not have said it better.

Cordially, Bernard

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