28 Dec 2012 
#23 An article by Dr. Helen K. Bond vindicates my understanding of the historical Jesus.

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Dr. Helen K. Bond just published a book "The Historical Jesus: A guide for the Perplexed" (T&T Clark, 2012). Later, she wrote an article Ten Things I Learnt about Jesus by Writing a Book about Him available on the web. I read it, twice.

I sent two emails to her, saying, I quote:

"Of all the scholars I learned about, your conclusions about Jesus are the closest to mine."
"I reread your article and I am amazed at the similarity of views, often all the way to the details.
And I also spent years doing research on the subject: does that mean long and critical studies would lead to the same conclusions?"

However, just to keep the record straight, I noticed three minor differences:
a) Helen put the Crucifixion at about 29-34 CE. After study (as explained in Appendix A (27) and in Appendix B (28)) I am fairly certain on 28 CE.
b) I do not think Jesus devised parables: that was done first by "Mark" as disguised prophecies for his Christians.
c) I do not think Jesus was a true exorcist, or even believed to be one. "Mark", again, probably forced that, starting by the heckler in the synagogue of Capernaum who got intimidated to silence by Jesus.

Information about Dr. Helen K. Bond

Cordially, Bernard

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