18 Dec 2012 
#14 My comments on Vridar blog

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After issuing some comments about the Carrier/Goodacre debate on a radio show, first generally on Godfrey's account of it, second on Doherty's comments, I was surprised Godfrey, Doherty and another fellow replied, not to the points I made, but by accusing me of dogmatism.
If you do not like the message, attack the messenger!
You can find the Vridar post and comments here. My contribution starts at the 12th comment.

More: a Vridar commenter obviously did not agree with me when he posted:

"I'm not completely sure what you're saying about Parks and the modern civil rights movement, but if you think anything she did was an accident or that it was an accident it was Parks who played the role of igniter, you're wrong."

I replied. I did not save it in my files (which I do most of the time for my contribution on Vridar: I have been deleted before) because it was rather short and very neutral. But the content is stated in my reply to Godfrey. See next after Neil surprising decision:
"I have decided to delete Bernard's response as irrelevant to the discussion of Jesus' historicity. I may have decided differently if I had any hope at all that Bernard would be open to genuine discussion and comprehension of the alternative viewpoints he oppose."

I replied, even if I am quite sure that will be deleted (Yes, it was trashed within minutes!):
"I was just asking Mark for his viewpoint about Rosa Parks relative to the Civil Rights Movement. Exactly what you want me to do. I was genuinely interested about what he thought about that. I was not in any way hammering my own viewpoint. I did not even object of him saying I was wrong."

Cordially, Bernard

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